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“Gayle did an awesome job going above and beyond to help us get our mortgage even when it looked like we were going to have a problem, she NEVER gave up.  Gayle we can’t thank you enough for all the hoops you guided us through to make our dreams come true!”

Pat and Pam Allies

“Gayle I really found your approach very straightforward and appreciated the amount of time you took with me going over the mortgage application process and options. I would definitely recommend your services to my friends.  I was impressed at how well respected your name and services are in hearing from other mortgage lenders in Penticton.”


“We have bought and sold 9 different properties over the years and working with Gayle was by far our smoothest mortgage experience. The process was informative, quick, and courteous. We will definitely be back!”

Todd and Jennifer

“Gayle you’re awesome; optimistic attitude and desire to do everything possible to serve your clients in a professional manner.”

Derrick and Janice

“Your services were a great benefit to us, as we had never bought a home before and knew nothing. We will always give your name as a referral to anyone we know who is planning to buy a house.”


“It’s great to deal with someone who has a clear idea of how the process of mortgages works and who lets the client know the aspects of this process.”

David and Patty Hopkins

“[Gayle], you always make things simple and easy. I like that!”


“Everything was great! Gayle is a real professional.”


“It was wonderful working with Gayle. Again. She is totally professional, personable and on your side. She takes a process that can be very stressful and complicated and walks you through it with confidence, ease and in a very timely manner. We will definitely look to Gayle again for our future mortgage needs and would have highly recommended her to our family and friends. Thank you, Gayle!”

Larry & Sheila Lorentz

“You did a wonderful job [Gayle], I would highly recommend your service. Thank you.”

Elsie Johnson