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Did you feel well informed about the mortgage process and financing options provided to you? “Yes very much.  Thank you!”

Did the process run smoothly and at a time frame that met your expectations? “Yes.  It was a huge stress off our backs!”

Was I responsive to inquiries and did I answer and follow up with all your questions? “Yes! Thank you again!!”

Do you feel that my services benefited you?  Was there something in particular that helped you save time or money, or make the process easier? “When we came to you we were both stressed due to circumstances at our bank.  You guided us and helped us and we are so very grateful for everything you did for us!!!”

Eric & Christine Johnston

“[We] were ‘blown away’ by Gayle’s professionalism, knowledge, courtesy, and expedience of process!!  We felt ‘looked after’ and she followed up after.  [We] have referred [her to our] friends when they are needing Gayle’s services.  She is truly ‘one of a kind’.  We would only deal with Gayle in the future.”


“Gayle is absolutely amazing.  I always feel uncomfortable when going to a bank to talk about money.  I feel like they put me under a microscope.  When working with Gayle you feel like she is working for you and with you.  You feel like you have someone in your corner.  She offers great, sound advice and always gets us amazing lending rates.  We cannot recommend her enough.”

Brad & Tamara Nunes

“Gayle, Thank you for your help in the purchase of my home.  Your service was great and enabled me to complete financing in a very limited time frame.”


“Gayle and her team were efficient in handling our financing.  Gayle was well informed, creative, and prompt in arranging all of our needs.”

Terrance & Rachel 

“Dear Gayle: We are very happy dealing with you.  You have been a great help to us.  We also value your friendship! Hugs – us 2 to you! You’re No.1!!”

John & Janice Cornett-Ching 

“[Your] services benefited us greatly and you searched high and low to help save us money and you made us feel comfortable.”

Kevin & Selena Rudolph

“I was totally happy with your help securing this mortgage.  You understood my needs & concerns and dealt with them professionally and rapidly.  I was able to make my closing deadline because of your great service.”


“I really appreciated that you called us to renew early so that we could look into a better rate.  We think you are amazing.  Thank you so much for everything!”

Darcy & Cindy Schlamp

“We were referred to Gayle by my sister and Gayle was so kind to us.  I was very pregnant and knew nothing about buying a house, so very overwhelmed!  Gayle made everything so easy, I understood every step and I felt that she truly cared, was truly excited for us and was so sweet and caring.  We had a wonderful experience working with Gayle and I would recommend her to anyone buying a home 🙂 Thanks Gayle.”

Scott & Alaina Smith